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Geze Automatic Doors

  • GEZE RWA Systems

    Material : Stainless Steel & Glass

    Type : Automatic

    Quality : Standard

    Packaging : Each set into an EPE bag and into an box,a whole set into a carton,a certain cartons into a wooden

  • Geze Automatic Revolving Door
    Revolving doors are one of the key components for a building’s entrance. These doors give a good impression and is also an ideal door in terms of an architecture point of view. Geze manufactures high-quality revolving doors. AL Aton Trading is one of the leading companies in supplying Geze
  • Geze Automatic Sliding Door
    The ECdrive drive range for automatic sliding doors is economic, extremely reliable and ideally suited for heavily frequently door areas. Low wear and high-quality rollers in a self-cleaning roller carriage ensure almost silent operation. Sliding doors are space-saving, elegant and modern. Glass
  • Geze Automatic Swing Door
    A GEZE automatic swing door is designed to operate the door without any complications and manual effort. The door has a design that is uniform and can be installed anywhere. It is also convenient and safe to use. Automatic swing doors come in different dimensions and hence, they are can be
  • Geze Automatic Break Out Sliding Door
    GEZE automatic break out sliding door is an ideal door that is used at the entrance. These doors provide safety and escape routes in case of any emergency. The breakout function of the door opens the door with side panels to open in the direction where you need to escape. They come with automatic
  • Geze Automatic Semi Circular Sliding Door
    Elegant semi-circular and circular sliding doors ensure more space and light. Simple to operate, wide range of design options and easy to install are the characteristics of this range. Very high access freedom despite the slim external measurements. Two-motor technology to ensure the highest level

Glass Products

  • Frameless Curved Glass Screen
    Most of the offices have an open office system, where glass screens are very popular. Hence, there is a high demand for a frameless curved glass screen in various buildings and offices. They are also used in residential spaces to give the interiors a spacious look. The designs of these screens are
  • Roof Skylight

    Skylights are light transmitting fenestration (elements filling building envelope openings) forming all, or a portion of, the roof of a building's space for daylighting purposes.

  • Stainless Steel Glass Canopy
    The stainless steel glass canopy is a part of modern architecture. They not only protect you from various impurities and elements but also from different weather conditions. They let the natural light fall through the canopy making the area look beautiful. They also make the entrance of your villa
  • Glass Structural Glazings
    Glass buildings are very good when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Glass structural glazings are kind of curtains that consists of glass that is anchored with a structure without the use of any gaskets. The structural glazings come in different dimensions that are customised based on
  • Frameless Spider Glass Curtain Walls
    Spider glazing is one of the popular systems used for framing and elevation. Frameless spider glass curtain walls are very popular in commercial buildings. They protect the interiors of the building from different weather conditions. They are lightweight and can help you in reducing the cost of the
  • Curved Glass Structural Glazings
    Curved glass structural glazings are highly efficient and used in different building structures. The curve glass used in the structural glazing applications minimizes the deflections. They are ideal to reduce the use of construction material for constructing buildings. The structured glazings are
  • Frameless Glass Shower Partitions
    Modern house needs modern bathroom fittings. Hence, AL Aton Trading is one of the well-known companies in Oman that offers high-quality frameless glass shower partitions. These shower partitions are made of strong glass that is highly durable. These glass partitions come with structural support

Geze Door Fittings

  • Geze Floor Springs
    Floor springs are doors that can open and close from both sides. They are very convenient to use and are also very safe. GEZE floor springs are very popular in various sectors. AL Aton Trading is one of the leading GEZE floor springs suppliers in Oman. These doors are perfect and protect from fire
  • Geze Door Closer
    GEZE offers door closer systems for any type of door with a range of individual setting options. From the smallest overhead door closer to the multi-faceted variations for use with fire and smoke protection doors: The door closer ranges with link arm or guide rails offer a range of combination
  • Geze Sliding Doors
    Sliding door fittings are made up of a runner and the roller carriage that it carries, these move the connected sliding door leaf and any other elements. Demanding technologies, high-quality materials and first-class workmanship move the roller carriages precisely, gently and quietly over the

Wooden Products

  • Wooden Doors

    Wooden doors which are made up of timbers that have been constructed from small pieces of timber, glued together, and then over veneered. This construction produces doors which are highly stable, i.e., unlikely to warp and have a virtually flawless appearance.

  • Wooden Kitchen Cabinets
    When it comes to your kitchen, you want the best décor and kitchen equipment. Cabinets are the most useful and ideal thing that you can have in your kitchen. It helps you to store all the groceries and also your utensils and other kitchen equipment and tools. Wooden kitchen cabinets are
  • Wooden Wardrobes

    A wardrobe is a standing closet which helps you to keep your strong clothes in order. Supplement your closet space with stylish armoires and wardrobe closets that keep your clothing and  any of your different apparels.

  • Wooden Pergola
    A wooden pergola is popularly used as a shade for outdoors such as passageway, walkway, outdoor sitting area, etc. These pergolas are supported by pillars or posts. They are not only beautifully designed but are also very sturdy. The pergola can be customised as per the needs of the customers. They

Other Products