AL Aton Trading LLC Blog Latest Products Mon, 22 Jul 2024 19:06:08 +0530 en-us Advantages of Using Floor Springs Tue, 29 Sep 2020 13:18:10 +0530 There is such a variety of door closers available on the market, and you'll wonder why anyone might prefer to install floor springs instead of standard door closers. They do; in any case , require slightly more expertise and work when it involves installation.   In this blog, we explore a number of the key reasons that you simply might choose a floor spring for your door.   1> They look good because they're not as intrusive as other sorts of closers like door holders and overhead door closers. They're embedded within the ground during a cement box and therefore the only part you see is that the covering that’s usually chrome steel but are often available in other finishes counting on the Manufacturer.   2> You don’t want to affect the clean simplicity of a glass door with a bulky door closer. You won’t be ready to use a better which will be embedded within the top of the door just like just like the GEZE Boxer or the Door Leaf itself like the Perko-Powermatic, so an honest solution here would be to use a floor spring.   3> Despite the work involved initial installation, floor springs have a really shallow installation height and may be used with many sorts of floor structures or flooring types.   4> Floor Springs work with most doors and there are various models that are suitable for single or double action doors. Some single action floor springs are handed, so it's always best to see the handing method before purchasing if you're unsure.   5> Floor springs are particularly effective to be used with oversized doors – Floor to ceiling height doors are often just overlarge and heavy for conventional door closers, so a floor spring with straps and a top pivot are an excellent option.   6> Most good quality models have adjustable closing force, adjustable closing speed and adjustable latching action, so you'll make incremental tweaks to fit your door. Not all closers have this handy functionality, so always best to see .   7> Some floor springs are electromagnetic and have a hold-open function which is right to be used on Fire/Smoke Protection doors that are located in areas of high traffic like corridors. Simply link it to the hearth alarm employing a relay or an interface and it'll allow the door to shut upon activation or power outage to make sure compartmentation.   8> One of the most functions of a floor spring is to help the opening and shutting of particularly heavy doors, even in areas of wind , where this mix could lead on to injury to people or the doors themselves.   Why Choose Al Aton Trading LLC?   We are among the most trusted and well-known GEZE floor springs importers in Oman. We import and supply floor springs manufactured by GEZE. Our products are tested for their quality by our team of quality experts. We also ensure that these products are delivered on a timely basis and at the most competitive price. If you are interested in the floor springs, then you can get in touch with us through phone or email. What Are The Benefits Of Frameless Curved Glass Screens? Fri, 20 Nov 2020 10:08:34 +0530 Today, people all around the world want their residential and commercial area to look outstanding and top class. We do not want to leave any room undone or with a poor appearance. All our rooms whether in a commercial or residential area needs decorative attention and should look attractive to create a good impression on your guests. One of the bigger eyesore things is the glass screen that is framed.The framed glass screen might not give you the look that you want to get into your house. Even in bathrooms, a shower curtain looks mouldy and nasty. Now you have to replace and remove that curtain again and again. This is why the frameless curved glass screens should be installed in the bathrooms or any other room. You can also use it to separate cabins in your office as well. It looks amazing and outstanding. Also along with the looks, you will get amazing benefits from these curved glass screens.These Are Easy To Clean One of the main benefits of using curved glass screens is that it is very easy and clean than the other glass screens that were available in the market before. There are no frames which are generally made with aluminium on the sides. These frames usually develop stains and marks which are hard to remove. The frameless glass screens are clear and it allows you to have more light in your room and also it looks quite trendier than the other framed glass screens. The other products and furniture will also be accentuated if you choose to have a frameless glass screen.These Glass Screens Looks Attractive If you already have a glass screen in your bathroom or other parts of the house or office, you would probably notice how odd and old fashion it looks. The metal framing is not at all clear and will not look up to the mark. With time the old frames also look textured or frosted and the visibility limits. If you choose a frameless screen you won’t be facing these issues or problems at all. The glass will be clear and will allow more light inside your room. This looks much better and also brightens up space.Hygienically Better For Your Family Choosing the best quality glass screens from reliable frameless curved glass screen importers is one of the best choices. The frames in the old screens are the breeding ground for the germs. One has to clean it frequently and still get sick due to the germs in these frames. And if the screens are made with any other material other than glass the germ might spread to the material as well. Sooner or later the surface will be a harbour for bacteria or germs. If you choose frameless glass screen you do not have to worry about anything. Glass is not that material on which mildew or mould and odour. This is one of the best and most hygiene option.These Are Durable Frameless curved glass screens are durable and strong without the frames. You have to do little or no maintenance and need not worry much about these glass screens. These were some of the benefits of choosing frameless glass screens. Top Benefits Associated with Glass Structural Glazing Thu, 18 Feb 2021 15:52:21 +0530 Glass Structural Glazing is a perfect way to add more attractiveness to the home or office. Contacting experts can be benefits for you. Are you looking for the best improvement at your home? If yes, it is the right time to consider the glass extension. They allow you the best chance to appreciate the garden whilst not restricting the view. It is all about calling nature inside with the special glass box rooms. The best-featured glass will allow the house to come inside which will help you to feel, lighter, bigger, or even fresher. Sitting at the glass extension, looking around the garden under the attractive night sky will give feel of comforts and warm inside could be the finest feeling in the way.Since Glass Structural Glazing is quite durable as well as powerful glass, it is just right for a glass extension. Consider it or not structural glazing remains quite powerful that it could tolerate the weight of several people at once. The commercial projects can assists more than a hundred people at a time on glazing so one can be confirmed to save out the glass. Many times, a glass box extension can comprise self-cleaning glass. It is a great plus point as you don’t require to waste the time cleaning up the glass. It will make sure the enjoyment of the glass extension isn't broken up and that one could take benefit across the year.The global recession results in the downturn of the housing market and it take a long time to get recover. Now, the homeowners have planned to look ahead with the property extension to increase the value of the home.The popular choices are glass or glazed extension is an extension in the kitchen. The open space inside the kitchen makes the experience pleasurable. A particular extension will open up the ground floor whilst a double extension will give the house an airy, light, and even spacious feel.Making research on a business is essential before using them to complete the project of adding a glazed extension to the property. It is easy to find different businesses that present glazing solutions but just a couple present your structural glaze. The structural glazing experts will surely be in a condition to support you for style, plan, and running on the project, taking care of planning rules, installation, and access problems.It is important to make sure that the home will create a good impression with an extension of glass or surely any sort of glass structure, than without. They are the architects who have been capable to design the best means to use the glass at the commercial properties and get moved into the domestic market.A wow factor can be added into the Glass Extension, boosts up the resale value, and allow the home more light and space. New glazing approaches imply that almost something is possible with glass. It can be integrated into brick, wood - in fact about any building stuff. Everything You Need To Know About Bio Bioclimatic Pergola Fri, 14 May 2021 12:55:14 +0530 Nothing's better than to be on vacation, at home, snack, under your pergola, sheltered from the fiery Malls and looking at the sea where you're going to swim soon.There are many benefits of building a Seesky Bio Bioclimatic Pergola for the environment in your home and you can enjoy your favourite environment in winter and during summer.What Is A Bioclimatic Pergola?Actually, what is a bioclimatic pergola? We can sum it up as a solar protection device that can help control your terrace temperature, light input, air renovation and ventilation in your home.Seesky Bio Bioclimatic Pergola is therefore much more than an impermeable device, given that its elegant and lightweight nature makes it a part of your home's exterior decor and adds value to your house. The range of models and colours makes it the ideal option, regardless of your building style.Added BenefitsOn the contrary, they raise the room you have to use to shelter your family from the weather when enjoying the outdoors at any time.Don't limit your terrace to a few hours a day or only some months of the year, you can take advantage of your favourite space without restrictions thanks to the integral security of your new pergola.ApplicationsThrough the Seesky-BIO pergola, you will enjoy a new living room for your garden or terrace without the need for a lot of work. Installing a pergola would make it easier for you to spread the space and offer a better service to your clients if you have a hotel or restaurant company.VerandaPerfect solution for house entry by providing freshly usable, illuminated space that can be used during the year.TerraceYou can use your terrace with an island pergola design, which can be combined with the unframed glassing system to protect you against the harsh weather.Facade IntegrationWith its connecting supports, the pergola can be fitted to existing walls without columns in order to achieve a perfect esthetic blend with an existing architectural style.Frameless Glazing SystemsWith the specially built reinforced construction used in these products which allows safe and easy installation, the pergola can be combined with a full range of frameless glazing products.Large SurfaceCombining pergolas enables us not to add double columns to our pergola union, but to cover vast areas.Advantages of bioclimatic pergolas One of the key benefits of a bioclimatic pergola is its high resistance and its composition consists of slats that can be opened, tilted or even sealed when the rain is present. They also have a water evacuation system in this case that avoids build-up. For maximal comfort, the laths can be oriented towards the wind and the sun.They are extremely flexible and provide many opportunities, including covering the sides of the wind, shielding the wind and enabling outdoors even during the strongest winds. Protecting people who are protected from this aspect not only but also protects them from the sun and solar radiation.Final Words In case of flooding, the laths can be closed and fully sealed and waterproof, and the covered area can be isolated completely from the rain. Furthermore, the area is still shielded from harsh weather when the faces are protected, ensuring optimum comfort at all times. Varieties of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets to Pick From Sat, 21 Aug 2021 10:38:05 +0530 Kitchen cabinets are built-in furniture found in many kitchens that are used to store food, cooking equipment, and, in some cases, cutlery and plates for table service. Dishwashers, Refrigerators, and ovens are frequently incorporated into kitchen cabinets. At the moment, there are several cabinet alternatives available such as wooden kitchen cabinets.  Wooden cabinets are a timeless addition to any kitchen. Wooden kitchen cabinets, whether stained or left natural, complement virtually any décor style, making them a popular cabinetry choice for homeowners. Different Types of Wooden Kitchen CabinetsKitchen cabinets make up at least half of the skeletal framework of your kitchen. Furthermore, the materials and finishes you select determine how long they will endure and how durable they will be. Therefore the suppliers of wooden kitchen cabinets use the best grade and different types of the wood material to frame these cabinets. Oak Wooden Cabinets- Oak is a sturdy, long-lasting, and reasonably priced wood for kitchen cabinets. It comes in a variety of designs and finishes, has strong grain patterns, and is most commonly used for classic wooden kitchen cabinets types. Maple cabinets- maple is a fine-grain, light-colored wood that is somewhat more costly than oak but less thick. Maple is a common choice for semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets because it may be stained, but it is usually treated with a clear or natural finish to produce a light, contemporary aesthetic. Cherry Wood Cabinets- Cherry wood kitchen cabinets are durable enough to endure knocks and scuffs. Cherry's design flexibility may offer a kitchen a modern flair while remaining elegant and formal when utilized for certain conventional layouts. The fine-grained, smooth wood has a crimson to reddish-brown tone that darkens with age. This cabinet material is frequently stained to ensure color consistency. Cabinets of Ash Wood- the strength and durability of ash are comparable to those of oak, although it has a lighter hue and a more prominent figure. When finished in a clear or natural finish, this straight-grain timber takes on a more modern appearance. The suppliers of wooden kitchen cabinets use ash wood to create custom kitchen cabinets. Advantages of Using Wooden CabinetsThe wooden kitchen cabinets provide several advantages to the users, some are listed below- o Appearance- wood cabinets have a distinct appearance; they are traditional, elegant, and ageless. The look of real wood cabinets is noticeable and adds value to any house. o Customization- wood is a versatile material that can be shaped, designed, and colored in a variety of ways. Because wooden kitchen cabinets do not require a lot of effort, you may discover more cheap installation costs, even with specific modifications. o Durability- wood cabinets are far more durable than other materials. High-quality woods are highly durable and have been known to survive for many years. White oak, for example, will be more durable than red oak.o Versatility- there are many distinct varieties of wood, differing in cost, look, and durability. The diversity of wood outnumbers that of any other cabinetry material; especially because wood can be painted whatever color you want. The suppliers of wooden kitchen cabinets provide high-quality wood material at affordable prices laminated with veneer that protect the wood from getting rot. State of the Art Modern Indian Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Sat, 25 Sep 2021 15:13:22 +0530 Cabinets are types of cupboards with shelves or drawers or sometimes both for storing or exhibiting various items. Some cabinets are stand alone yet others are built in to a wall or attached to it like a medicine cabinet. A variety of materials go into the making of cabinets. Some cabinets are built in solid wood, some with coated steel and some are built with synthetic materials. Commercially used cabinets are melamine-particleboard substrates enveloped in a high pressure decorative laminate. Cabinets were deliberated to be used in the bedroom for storage, fashioned typically with shelves, racks and hanging lines to store clothes and small items. Some cabinets were used in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet had one or more drawers and multiple numbers of shelves to store kitchen items. These cabinets had finished surface tops also known as countertops meant for kitchen friendly use.KitchensA kitchen is a room used for cooking and preparing food either in a residential or commercial institution. Modern residential kitchens are modular, equipped with all modern amenities like the microwave oven, cooking range, refrigerator, countertops, sink and kitchen cabinets. In contemporary times Wooden Kitchen Cabinets are trending.Kitchen CabinetsA kitchen is primarily used for the purpose of not only cooking and preparing food items, but it is also used for storage as well as can serve small meals for one or two. For such multifarious activities a kitchen must have furniture which is built in to accommodate a lot in one small room and make room for all these activities.Electrical gadgets such as refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens are very often homogenized into the kitchen cabinetry. To cater to the requirements, many Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Suppliers have presented their clientele based on their budget and needs.Why Choose Wood For Your Kitchen?Indian kitchen cabinets almost always use wood, as it is a renewable resource which is both natural and non-toxic unlike many other materials. The Indian environs favour the use of teak and rosewood as popular and common choices for kitchen cabinets. Wooden kitchen cabinets can be burnished and glazed in desired shades. This brings about a natural look with its textures and grains. The cleaning routine is also very simple and easy to be done with. The choice of material for a kitchen is of prime importance. Very often in that respect people fall back on wood as a means of furnishing the kitchen. This so happens because wood is easy to manage on a day to day basis. Today’s fast paced generation is hard pressed for time; in such a scenario doing away with stains, grime, spots and marks is a menace. A cloth is all that is required to rid of it immediately. Wood is also very sturdy and long lasting. Heavy duty usage does not impact wood. Rather wood is durable.Are Solid Wood Cabinets Worth the Money?Solid wood cabinets are definitely worth a customer’s valued money. The positives and negatives, if contemplated properly, solid wood always remains a top priority with its durability, strength and stability. Wood tinted kitchen cabinets will always be in fashion.Affordability and AdvantagesAffordability is also another factor why wood is chosen. It is very cost-effective and enhances functionality. Maintenance is easy. Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Suppliers are now well disposed to furnish modern Indian homes with the state of the art wooden kitchen cabinets. Important Points to Consider When Selecting a Glass Canopy Sat, 13 Nov 2021 16:15:51 +0530 Stainless Steel Glass Canopy is the right choice to give your entrance a good look. These long-lasting options are weather-resistant, strong, and long-lasting.Using a glass canopy at the front of your building is the right opportunity to merge practicality with advanced design. Created around the entrance of the premises, a glass canopy offers a welcome haven from the elements for visitors – a dried-out place to, for example, take down an umbrella or take away a hood before moving inside.However, different from enclosed porchways, glass canopies make sure that the entranceway stays a light, bright place. Uncomplicated and affordable to install, a glass canopy however brings an advanced aesthetic to your building which will demand to visitors and staff similar. Now, discuss the main things when selecting a structure of Stainless Steel Glass Canopy.SupportThere are several methods to erect a glass canopy with the help of different support. Some methods of entry might be recessed behind two neighboring walls which surround the doorway in two ways. In both cases, it is direct to place glass sheets across the top in the middle of the two walls to cover both. However, it is common for entranceways to be situated on flat walls. In this case, you need to plan on a support arrangement for the glass canopy. Stainless steel cross and poles beams are a trendy option as they are weather-resistant, strong, and long-lasting. They also merge well with glass from a design viewpoint.SafetyIn the way of decorating the building construction, safety must be the top concern. With glass, there is the additional concern of defending against cracks and shattering – particularly when it is being fixed at the height over a way where people move.If you are planning to select a glass canopy, it is essential to choose the safety glass with the right defense rating for use in the position. Laminated and toughened glass is shatterproof and has a high tensile power to defend against breaking and cracking. It is also powerfully advised to permit some flexibility in the support arrangement to account for high winds.The less clear but equally main thought is what will take place when the sun shines through the canopy. In the summer height, direct sunlight rigorous by the glass can reach a high temperature that it turned a fire hazard, particularly if there is flammable material under the canopy. The hazard can be militated against in how the canopy is planned, for example by ensuring that sunlight doesn’t shine through more than a single glass panel, and also using tinted glass.Area for CoverageIt settles down to weigh up cautiously what size area you desire to be wrapped by the canopy. If you wish that the glass canopy to be more than decoration and give some practical guard from the weather, you desire it to be large enough for people to move under well out of the open door.Contacting stainless steel glass canopy suppliers are readily available for you. Advantages Of Installing The Beautiful Wooden Pergola In Your Backyard Fri, 26 Nov 2021 14:11:54 +0530 Pergola is made from a variety of materials such as vinyl, wood, metal, etc and is ideal for improving your outdoor space. Nowadays wooden pergolas are hot in trend and are very easy to install. These add visual attractions, additional space as well as enhance your outdoor living. Wooden pergolas are very available in various home improvement stores and online stores at affordable prices. Several wooden pergola suppliers offer their customers with an array of unique designs at budget-friendly prices. Here listed below are a few benefits of installing a wooden pergola in your dream house.Additional Living SpaceNot only wooden pergolas are visually appealing to your eyes but these are functional too. They add additional living space that extends beyond the four walls of your house. These are the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon or lay in the evening with a hot cup of tea with friends and family. You can also add a cover for shade or protection and make it a more usable space for yourself and your family.Provides PrivacyPrivacy is essential for enjoying a nice outdoor space and the wooden pergola provides with just that. With the wooden pergola, you have a choice of picking a design that best suits your needs. You can build and design a wooden pergola that provides you with the privacy and function that you need and desire.Design ElementThese beautiful structures provide for the design element and help to improve your outdoor space. You can add draping, fragrant vines, flowers, etc to make it a romantic setting or soft flowing look. This is the perfect way to make the outdoor look more appealing.CustomizableThis is the best feature of the wooden pergola that you can custom-built it as you desire. You can decide the amount of sun or shade that you want in your backyard. By focusing on your individual need according to the different seasons that your place experiences you can take the full advantage of wooden pergola.Free StandingWooden pergolas are free-standing structures therefore you do not need additional structure to install this beautiful structure. These make your backyard appear greater than it is actually and make for a stunning visual appealing for people visiting your house. You can simply add different outdoor furniture to enjoy quality time with your friends and family.Wooden pergolas make for ideal outdoor party space too. You can creatively decorate it to add more charm to your house. You can additionally store a different variety of potted plants to add greenery to your outdoor space. Wooden pergolas are perfect for leisure time and enjoying the outdoor landscape with friends or family. You can browse online to look at the different designs of the wooden pergola to choose the structure that best suits your needs. Many wooden pergola suppliers also offer installation services to their customers at budget-friendly rates. You can also compare the price of wooden pergolas on different websites to get the best deals and discounts. What do you mean by Glass Structural Glazing? Mon, 14 Feb 2022 10:57:01 +0530 Glass buildings are very favourable when it comes to being environmentally friendly.   Structural glazing is a type of curtain that consists of glass that is anchored with the structure without the use of any gaskets. The structural glazing comes in various dimensions that are customised according to the requirements of customers. In this article, you will come to know more about glass structural glazing so please keep reading.      History of Glass Structural Glazing   Glass has been a significant feature in British architecture since the late mediaeval period, from which time the use of glass windows has grown to a point of near universality. Structural glazing however is a far more modern phenomenon, which has been made possible through advances in glass technology and building techniques.    In contemporary architecture, due to ever-developing load-bearing potential, glass can be used in ways that would previously be assumed impossible and in wholly innovative projects.     Where would structural glazing be used?   Structural Glazing is used astronomically, in skyscrapers, with glass facades ubiquitous characteristics in the financial centres of cities across the globe. As we have seen with the Shanghaied Glass Bridge, it is also being used in scenarios where architects aim to make the most extraordinary landscapes for the benefit of visitors. Chamonix Aiguille du Midi Skywalk, Austria’s "Stairway to Nothingness" are breathtaking examples of this trend.   However, structural glazing can also be incorporated in personal homes in a variety of architecturally innovative and visually captivating ways. Glass extensions are being increasingly adopted by homeowners as a way of increasing space and natural light without the frames and limited structural possibilities associated with a traditional conversion.   .   Different types of Structural Glazing   The types of Structural glazing  Stick Glass Glazing Semi Unitized Glazing Spider Glazing     Stick Glass Glazing   A stick-type curtain wall glazing system is a kind of Structural Glazing where the frame verticals or the mullions and the glass panels are erected and connected piece by piece. It is one of the oldest curtain wall classes. The vertical mullions are connected first to the floor slabs and then the horizontal mullions are attached to the vertical ones.   The glass panel in the middle of the vertical and the horizontal mullions further with the spandrel which can be either glass or aluminium are then installed into the erected grid work. The visual effect of stick framing is frequently taken into account since there will be more vertical mullions taking the wind load than any other glazing system.   Usually, stick-type glazing is preferred for buildings that are not that tall, usually less than 3-4 floors. Air, wind, and heat can play a vital role in the stability and the stick glazing method takes these factors while they are built. Generally, the glass units between the aluminium frame slide when there is a thermal factor. This aspect is taken into consideration and provisioned when the glazing is done.     Advantages of Stick Glazing   It is simpler than a glazing system when compared to other curtain wall glazing systems. The glazing can be fabricated off-site. This allows for less erection time than other curtain wall glazing systems.     Semi Unitized Glazing   A semi-unitized curtain wall glazing system is a kind of structural glazing where the primary structural framing elements are erected individually as an erector set. In this set, the vertical mullions are connected first to the floor slabs and the horizontals are linked to the vertical mullions to resemble a grid.    The glass panel and the spandrel, which can be either glass or aluminium are shop glazed and put in place into the assembled grid work. The joineries and perimeter sealants are fields put in place. The semi unitized systems are mostly anchored to the face of the slab as embedded plates or inserts.      Advantages of Semi-Unitized Glazing   The vertical mullions in most semi-unitized glazing systems can range two floors with ease and as a result, supply greater structural efficiency. Mainly the semi-unitized glazing systems have shop-assembled or off-site assembled frames. This reduces the time and cost.       Spider Glazing   A spider Glazing is a part of the frameless glass system where they furnish a flush external appearance with uninterrupted views. Spider Glazing curtain walls furnish maximum daylight for building interiors as well as the possibility of placing huge transparent glass surfaces as building envelopes     Advantages of Spider Glazing System   Spider glazing offers maximum transparency and ensures the entry of natural light into the building interior. Therefore, spider glazing curtain walls are extensively used to provide daylight to commercial buildings. Being visually attractive they are also said to generate quality building skins.   Since they are available in unique design and allow brightness optimization. They are the number one choice for canopies, curtain walls and atriums. Owing to their easy installation and maintenance, spider glazing systems are mostly used in offices and building complexes. All uPVC doors and windows can easily be placed in spider glass areas. Install Frameless Glass shower Partitions To Experience A Truly Modern Bath Wed, 18 May 2022 12:07:40 +0530 Your bathroom is your private space where you wash off the stresses of the day and unwind. Because of this, the style of your bathroom is just as crucial as its pure functionality of it. If you are planning on revamping your bathroom, the choice of shower enclosure you choose will play a very significant role. The shower area acts as a focal point of your bathroom and can impact the style of the space as a whole. There are various amazing options available for bathroom partitions, such as shower curtains or a screen, and the timeless style of a glass shower partition. A frameless glass shower partition is the most popular choice for both compacts as well as spacious bathrooms as it offers unimpeded views and long sightlines in the bathroom. One can go for a hinged door, sliding door, or a bi-fold door for the frameless shower partition to make the area look more inviting. These can be easily fabricated and customized as per the exact measurements of the bathroom. After all, modern bathroom fittings are the current need of modern houses. No more water seepage: No one likes the feeling of stepping into a bathroom only to find the floors wet. Without an enclosure, there is almost no way to evade the entire bathroom from getting wet every time someone uses the shower. By installing a frameless glass shower enclosure, you can ensure that the water stays within a single spot that can be quickly wiped and dried. There is no chance of water coming out of the shower area as these enclosures have watertight bases. This can save you the hassle of wiping the floors of your bathroom after every shower. Low maintenance: A frameless glass shower partition not just adds a touch of glamour to your bathroom, it also requires little to no upkeep during our busy lifestyles. Once you install it, you can savor the opulence it adds without giving any thought to its maintenance. Since the glass used is tempered, they have high resistance to scratches and cracks. You can even add a protective coating on the glass shower enclosures during installation which will aid in avoiding the stains of soap and water. They are well-constructed and thus do not require frequent repairs. All you have to do is spray your regular cleaning solution on it and wipe it off with a clean wiper or towel to maintain the look of your glass partition as shiny as new. Impressive Safety: The waterproof feature of the frameless glass shower partition ensures safety which is not available with leaky shower curtains. Accidental slips and falls due to wet floors are very common, especially among kids and elderly people. By keeping your bathroom completely dry, a glass partition can reduce the chances of these mishaps. The glass used in the shower area is also tempered to make them more strong that preventing them from shattering into sharp pieces and causing any serious injury. Extremely Durable: It is a common myth that glass is very fragile and prone to breakage but this specially curated tempered and heat-soaked modern glass used for shower partitions has extraordinary strength which gives it high durability. This type of glass door is a perfect choice for your shower area. Environmental friendly: A glass shower partition is a popular choice among environmentally-conscious architects, interior designers, and commoners. Glass is a 100% recyclable, sustainable material and is made from non-toxic material that leaves no carbon in the atmosphere. Final Words These convincing reasons prove why nothing can beat the frameless glass shower partition in the bathroom. Therefore, if you are bored of your old bathroom and wish to give it a new look then installing frameless glass shower partitions would be an exciting way to give your bathroom a brand new look without remodeling the whole bathroom. This simple fixture is available in a range of styles and pleasing designs to add an aesthetic appeal. Contact a reliable supplier, check the exclusive collection of these stylish partitions and get a free quote. Frameless Curved Glass Screen – Add more Energy to Interiors Tue, 16 Aug 2022 10:46:17 +0530 Frameless Curved Glass Screen is perfect for the interiors of residential and commercial spaces. You can choose the best one as per your taste. Are you planning to give your living or office space an amazing look? Nowadays, people all around the world with their residential and commercial areas look wonderful and top class. We don't wish to leave any space undone or have a bad look. All our rooms, no matter whether they are commercial or residential area, need attractive attention and must look attractive to create an amazing sign for the guests. Well, you can choose Frameless Curved Glass Screen to add something special to the interiors. The glass screen related to the frame might not provide you with the look that you wish to get into the home. Even in bathrooms, a shower curtain appears nasty and moldy. Now you have to put back and remove that drape again and again. This is the prime reason the frameless curved glass screens must be fixed in the bathrooms or any other space. One can use it to divide cabins in your office as well. It looks remarkable and excellent. Not just looks, but there are hosts of benefits associated with curved glass screens. Kind of Frameless Curved Shower Screens There's a frameless shower screen for about every shape and size of the bathroom, including: • Wall-to-wall screens with one or two permanent panels and one sliding or wavering door • Curved glass corner shower screens are offered from several suppliers. • Corner shower screens with left or right-hand swinging doors • Rectangular frameless shower screens • Single shower panels • Bath shower screens • Custom panels Apart from the glass panels, more prime components of a frameless setup are the hardware, which includes: • Floor and wall brackets: they are the prime support for the glass panels, and are usually chrome-plated brass or stainless steel. • Door hinges: These stainless steel or chrome factors are available in glass, wall or floor mounted, according to the shower configuration. Quick to Clean If you are using the frameless curved glass screen, the main benefit is that they are easy to clean as compared to the glass screens that were offered in the market before. There are no frames that are commonly made with aluminum on the sides. Frames generally develop stains and marks which are difficult to remove. You can easily clean the frameless glass screen. Add something special to exteriors If anyone of you previously has a glass screen in your bathroom or former parts of the office or house, you would probably observe how odd and old style it looks. The metal framing is not at all understandable and will not look up to the blot. With time, the old frames also look frosted or textured and the visibility limits.   There are lots of manufacturers and suppliers of Frameless curved glass screens available for you. All you need to contact them for a better product range. Add To The Outdoor Décor Aesthetics With Wooden Pergola Mon, 14 Nov 2022 15:41:47 +0530 The first thing that catches the eye is the exterior look of a building. It creates an image of the entire space in your mind. A beautiful landscaped outdoors is welcoming. Enhance the overall look of the façade with the Wooden Pergola. A sit-out designed with a pergola is apt for an open-space meeting or chit-chatting with friends. The Utility Of A Wooden Pergola A Wooden Pergola is an outdoor structure for garden areas, pathways, patios and passageways. It creates a shaded area in the external part of a building. These are often seen in sprawling villas, bungalows or entryways to residential apartment complexes. Pergolas are the most common in open-air restaurants and cafeterias. They are used at the entrances of office buildings too. Structural Make Of The Pergola The material selection for pergolas needs careful thought. This will impact the cost and maintenance of the structure in the long run. Some of the materials for pergolas are timber, galvanized or rust-proof metal, PVC, brick and stone. Wooden Pergola is the most popular material used for making the structure. Customers can choose the type of wood as per their requirements to match their outdoor décor. They can get help in deciding on the wood from the makers as well. These can be ordered in different sizes depending on the space for installation. Design It In Your Way Pergola designs can be diverse. It is determined by its location and function. It has great scope for design modification as per the requirements of the customer. They can be free-standing or can be attached to a building. Some may have roofs atop. A Wooden Pergola is usually free-standing and supported by pillars for the outdoor sit-out area. They may have crossbars on top with gaps as per the design requirement. This design gives a perfect open-air breezy feel providing adequate shade from direct sunlight. A criss-cross design of the beams also gives a great look. Add a green touch to a pergola with creepers and vines all over it for home decor. This goes well with the manicured landscape of the garden. Significance Of The Quality Of Wood Pergolas are made out of high-quality wood. The wood is durable and sturdy. It can withstand all weather conditions such as rain, sunshine or snow. These are usually treated with suitable inputs to make them hardy and long-lasting. A well-equipped carpentry division takes care of all issues that may affect wood with their expertise. A superior-quality polish is applied on the Wooden Pergola for a stylish finish. Installation Of The Wooden Pergola Pergolas need proper and secure installation. They lay bare to the weather elements during storms or heavy winds. The installation process is thought prior by the carpentry division. It is deftly handled with the necessary equipment to assemble and fix it in place. It is delivered on time to the doorstep. In conclusion, there are many right ticks to choosing a Wooden Pergola. 1. It adds a stylish look to your home, office or commercial space 2. Provide the perfect mix of openness and shade for outdoor seating 3. Creates an inviting ambience for casual or formal meetings in open surroundings